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Creating Family Web Sites for Dummies
ISBN: 9780764579387 | 384 pages | 2005-01-28 | PDF | 19 Mb

Add multimedia, post the family calendar, and save time with templates

Introduce your new baby, share the family tree, or plan a reunion on the Web

With families scattered all across the country, the best family gathering place is now online! With this book, you don't need to be a Web wizard to set up a cool site where everyone can meet the baby, kids can report their game scores, couples can share wedding photos, and Grandpa can continue the family genealogy.

Discover how to:
* Post an online photo album for free
* Register a domain name
* Build Web sites from templates and graphics included on the CD
* Edit images with Photoshop Elements 3
* Share stories with blogs

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Data Conversion Handbook
ISBN: 9780750678414 | 976 pages | 2004-12-16 | PDF | 22 Mb

This comprehensive handbook is a one-stop engineering reference. Covering data converter fundamentals, techniques, applications, and beginning with the basic theoretical elements necessary for a complete understanding of data converters, this reference covers all the latest advances in the field.

This text describes in depth the theory behind and the practical design of data conversion circuits as well as describing the different architectures used in A/D and D/A converters. Details are provided on the design of high-speed ADCs, high accuracy DACs and ADCs, and sample-and-hold amplifiers. Also, this reference covers voltage sources and current reference, noise-shaping coding, and sigma-delta converters, and much more. The book's 900-plus pages are packed with design information and application circuits, including guidelines on selecting the most suitable converters for particular applications.

You'll find the very latest information on:
· Data converter fundamentals, such as key specifications, noise, sampling, and testing
· Architectures and processes, including SAR, flash, pipelined, folding, and more
· Practical hardware design techniques for mixed-signal systems, such as driving ADCs, buffering DAC outputs, sampling clocks, layout, interfacing, support circuits, and tools.
· Data converter applications dealing with precision measurement, data acquisition, audio, display, DDS, software radio and many more.

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Digital Art Photography for Dummies
ISBN: 9780764598012 | 370 pages | 2005-12-19 | PDF | 41 Mb

So you’ve made the jump to digital photography and you’re having a ball with your new camera, right? Now, you’re wondering just what it would take to make your photos a little more than just snapshots. Well, Digital Art Photography For Dummies is a great place to find out!

You’ll not only discover great new ideas, you’ll see the effects in full color. This book will help you

* Get fabulous, well-exposed photos, no matter what your shooting conditions may be
* Tweak, edit, and enhance your images to create something a lot better than what you started with, or maybe something entirely new
* Produce gallery-worthy art prints that people are willing to pay for
* Find out if it’s time to upgrade your computer to handle graphics work

Sound like fun? This plain-English guide makes it easy, too! You’ll find out just what makes a picture artistic, how to plan and set up a good photo shoot, what kinds of tools are available in Photoshop to help you enhance or even completely revamp an image, and how to be sure that what comes out of your printer meets all your expectations. Best of all, this book is jam-packed with full-color images that show you just what you can produce. You’ll find out how to

* Select the right digital equipment
* Shoot in color, black-and-white, and at night
* Choose subject matter that fits your style
* Understand and use your camera’s settings to get the best shots
* Photograph landscapes, people, action, and just about anything else
* Create special effects in Photoshop
* Improve the quality of your photos or turn them into true works of art
* Mat and frame your work for maximum effect

If you’re comfortable with your digital camera but want to find out more about creating cool effects in Photoshop, you can jump directly to Part III and discover tips and techniques that turn ordinary pictures into extraordinary art. Or maybe you’ve been trying to get better nighttime photos. Part II is all about setting up your equipment and getting the perfect shot. Like all For Dummies books, Digital Art Photography For Dummies is designed so you can go directly to the part that most interests you.

Whether you’ve been thinking of selling your work or you just want to create a knock-their-socks-off family gallery that your relatives can view online, this book shows you how to take your photography hobby to the next level. Even if you just want to look at the pictures for inspiration, you can’t go wrong!

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Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition
| 417 MB | PDF | 21.6 MB | RS.Com

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In The 3rd set includes with
Kitchen Cabinets
Outdoor Furniture
Portable Power Tools
Restoring Antiques
Routing And Shaping

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Computer Power User ( CPU ) December 2008
PDF | English | 17 MB

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Smart Computing (December 2008)
English|96 pages|16.85 MB

SmartComputing is a monthly computing and technology magazine published by Sandhills
Publishing Company in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. It was formerly known as PC Novice, and the
first issue rolled out in 1990.

Articles and Features

* Technology News and Notes, by Christian Perry - News and a monthly Q/A help desk
* Tech Diaries, various authors - Reviews
* Software Head-to-Head, various authors - a comparison of software

* September 2006: Anti-Spam: eTrust AntiSpam, SonicWALL Email Security Desktop, OnlyMyEmail,
VQme Anti Spam with Webmail. Winner: SonicWALL Email Security Desktop
* October 2006: Instant Messaging clients: Yahoo! Messenger 8, AIM Triton 1.5, Google Talk,
ICQ 5.1, Trillian 3.1, Windows Live Messenger. Winner: Yahoo! Messenger
* January 2007: Office Suites: StarOffice 8, Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition,
Corel WordPerfect X3 Standard Edition, Ability Office Standard Edition. Winner: StarOffice 8

* Software Reviews, various
* Staff Picks, various - staff's choices of hardware
* Windows Tips & Tricks, various - helpful hints for using Microsoft Windows
* General Computing, various - articles about no specific topic

* Reader's Tips, by readers - readers give hints to other readers
* Learning Linux, by Vince Cogley, NEW COLUMN - teach yourself using Linux with the Ubuntu

* Plugged In, various - tips on using the Internet
* Mr. Modem's Desktop, by Mr. Modem - various tips and Internet links
* Quick Studies, various - tips on and fixing problems with using very commonly used
* Tidbits, by Marty Sems - information on new stuff
* Tech Support, various - consists of:

* What to Do When... - a guide on fixing road-block problems
* Examining Errors - the magazine helps readers with errors
* Fast Fixes - information on new software updates
* Q&A - answers to tech support questions
* FAQ - answers to frequently asked questions; each month all questions are about the same

* Action Editor, unknown - Action Editor comes to the rescue when companies deny service or
give bad service
* Tales From The Trenches, by Gregory Anderson - his bad experiences when using computers
and what to do about them if they happen to you

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iPod Repair QuickSteps
| November 13, 2007 |161 pages | PDF | 10MB

Like every other electronic device, iPods break down. Until now, the prospect of repairing an
iPod was daunting, if not nearly impossible for the average user. In this full-color,
inexpensive guide, the owner of the fastest-growing chain of iPod repair shops in the U.S.
shares the secrets of figuring out what is wrong with an iPod and fixing it--without paying
costly repair bills. He also reveals how to make an iPod work even better.

Table of contents
Chapter 1. What Kind of iPod Do I Have?
Chapter 2. What's Wrong: Diagnosing Your iPod
Chapter 3. Cracking the Case
Chapter 4. Power Issues: Replacing the Battery and Other Power Concerns
Chapter 5. Can't See a Thing: Replacing Broken Screens
Chapter 6. Storing Tunes and Such: Sorting Out Your Hard Drive
Chapter 7. Cranking up the Volume: Replacing Your Audio Jack
Chapter 8. Facing the Music: Replacing the Front Panel or Shell
Chapter 9. Does Not Compute: Replacing the Logic Board
Chapter 10. More Than Just Tunes: Looking at Third-Party Firmware and Software


In The 2nd set includes with
Encyclopedia Of Wood
Finish Carpentry
Hand Tools
Handbook Of Joinery
Home Workshop

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Encyclopaedia Britannica Almanac 2009
2008-11-04 | ISBN: 1603207937 | 961 pages | PDF | 25.3 MB

Bursting with facts about people, current events, history, geography, sports, religion, science and technology, health and medicine, money and business, and statistics on almost every imaginable topic, the Britannica Almanac 2009 has more coverage of key subjects than any other leading almanac.

The Year in Review
Learn about major events of the past year—the buildup to the presidential election in November, the ongoing subprime mortgage crisis and housing market collapse, and the controversial expansion of the biofuel industry and its rippling effects on land use and world commodities prices. Plus dozens of photos, maps, and flags in full color.

Celebrities and Newsmakers
Discover thousands of fascinating people—political and military leaders, athletes, authors, artists, and heroes.

Everyday Information
Holidays, time zones, weights and measures, country data, and more.

Britannica Greats
Editors name the most notable US theater companies, the world-class orchestras, and the top 25 opera companies in the world.

More sports than other leading almanacs. The popular sports and the more exotic ones, from billiards to curling to sled dog racing.

Winners of the Nobel Prizes, Academy Awards, Pulitzers, Costa Book Award, Fields Medal, Japan Prize, and many more.

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In The First set includes with
Advanced Routing - 77.9 MB
Building Chairs - 75.9 MB
Cabinatmaking - 81.7 MB
Cabinets And Bookcases - 84.8 MB
Classic American Furniture - 90.8 MB

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Atalay B “Math and the Mona Lisa: The Art and Science of Leonardo da Vinci"
Smithsonian | 2004-04 | ISBN: 1588341712 | 352 pages | PDF | 4,4 MB

Math and the Mona Lisa sees the transcendant unity of art and science in almost every aspect of Leonardo's life and work. Atalay seeks the consilience of science and art—painting, architecture, sculpture, music, mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy, and engineering—and the unity of the two cultures. He delves deeply into the underlying mathematics and aesthetics of science and art, paying special attention to the mathematical sequence called the Fibonacci series and to the related notion of the "golden ratio" or "divine proportion"—the keys to understanding the unity of art and nature. 32 b/w and 16 color illustrations.

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EMagazine Mega Pack (24 Issues)

Language : English
Total Issues : 24
File Format : Acrobat Reader (PDF)
Actual Total Filesize : 393 MB
RAR Download Total Filesize : 359 MB

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Health Benefits of Organic Food: Effects of the Environment
Publisher: CABI | Pages: 352 | 2008-11-30 | ISBN 1845934598 | PDF | 2 MB

Public concern over impacts of chemicals in plant and animal production on health and the environment has led to increased demand for organic produce, which is usually promoted and often perceived as containing fewer contaminants, more nutrients, and being positive for the environment.
These benefits are difficult to quantify, and potential environmental impacts on such benefits have not been widely studied. This book addresses these key points, examining factors such as the role of certain nutrients in prevention and promotion of chronic disease, potential health benefits of bioactive compounds in plants, the prevalence of food-borne pesticides and pathogens and how both local and global environmental factors may affect any differences between organic and conventionally produced food.

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Beer in Health and Disease Prevention
Publisher: Academic Press | Pages: 1248 | 2008-06-16 | ISBN 0123738911 | PDF | 9 MB

Presenting both the concerns and problems of beer consumption as well as the emerging evidence of benefit, Handbook of Beer Health and Disease Prevention offers a balanced view of today's findings and the potential of tomorrow's research.

From a beverage of warriors to a cheap and affordable commodity, beer has been a part of our consumption for nearly 8000 years. Like most alcoholic drinks it has been prone to abuse and in some counties the per capita consumption of beer has led to considerable health risks.

However, just as wine in moderation has been proposed to promote health, research is showing that beer -- and the ingredients in beer -- can have similar impact on improving health, and in some instances preventing disease. For example, some cancers like bladder cancers and the incidence of cardiovascular disease are reported to be lower in moderate beer drinkers. Furthermore there is a considerable body of emerging evidence to show that the anti-oxidant capacity of beers is high. It has been argued by some that the total antioxidants ingested in some beer drinkers equates that consumed by red wine drinkers.

The key to this, of course, is understanding and this volume presents a collection of the most current writings on the subject of beer and it's potential in health.

Key Features:
*The most comprehensive coverage of the broad range of topics related to the role of beer and beer ingredients in health
*Addresses the impact of beer and beer ingredients on cancers, cardiovascular disease, anti-oxidant benefits, and other health related concerns
Presents a holistic view from beer brewing to the isolation of beer-related compounds.
*Appropriate for scientists and researchers from a variety of fields and industries from beer production to health-care professionals
*Consistent organization of each chapter provides easy-access to key points and summaries
*Self-contained chapters written by subject matter experts

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2D Artist Issue 035 November 08

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Independently published since 1987, Home Power magazine are resources dedicated to small-scale renewable energy and sustainable living technologies.
7 Issues:

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Digital Arts November 2008
English | PDF | 86 pages | 12MB

The 11th issue of Digital Art Magazine this year.

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Pencil Sketching, 2nd Edition
Publisher: Wiley | Pages: 128 | 2001-08-08 | ISBN: 0471399191 | PDF | 6 MB

Product Description:

The complete, classic guide to the art of pencil sketching

Portable. Erasable. Inexpensive. No other single drawing tool is as versatile as the pencil. Through the centuries, generations of artists have used it to work out ideas, study form, and develop fundamental skills that are crucial to an artist's training.

Pencil Sketching has taught thousands of beginners the basic principles and techniques of pencil sketching. Carefully revised to meet the needs of today's artists, this edition features easy-to-follow instructions, dozens of new illustrations, and more-everything you need to explore the amazing potential of the pencil and learn to sketch with confidence.
* Techniques: shading, texture, value, line, strokes . . .
* Materials: pencils, papers, accessories . . .
* Skills: observation, recording, composition, sketching from memory . . .
* Subjects: trees, landforms, water, architecture, cityscapes . . .

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Design&Life Magazine - Issue 12
English | PDF | 5 MB | 76 Pages | Vol. 12 | RS + ES

D&L includes design, lifestyle, and creative news from all over the world.
It also includes most exciting trends, and bring you the healthiest and easiest recipes.

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Design&Life Magazine
Issue 13 | English | PDF | 6 MB | RS + ES

D&L includes design, lifestyle, and creative news from all over the world.
It also includes most exciting trends, and bring you the healthiest and easiest recipes.

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A.N. Hodge "The History of Art: The Essential Guide to Painting Through the Ages"
Arcturus foulsham | 2007-08-09 | ISBN: 057203377X | 208 pages | PDF | 27,8 MB

This work takes a fascinating and thought-provoking look at the major movements in the history of Western painting. It provides information about the topic ranging from the glories of High Renaissance Italy through the Romantics and Impressionists to the radical Abstract Expressionists. It contains a beautiful and colourful illustrated summary of painting's greatest works.

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Colin Robson " Small-Scale Evaluation: Principles and Practice"
Sage Publications Ltd | 2000-02-11 | ISBN: 0761955100 | 168 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

How can evaluation be used most effectively, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the various methods? Colin Robson provides guidance in a clear and uncluttered way. The issue of collaboration is examined step-by-step; stakeholder models are compared with techniques such as participatory evaluation and practitioner-centred action research; ethical and political considerations are placed in context; and the best ways of communicating findings are discussed. Each chapter is illustrated with helpful exercises to show the practical application of the issues covered, making this an invaluable introduction for anyone new to evaluation.

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Boye Lafayette De Mente, Henk de Groot, Yasuko Tsuji "Instant Japanese: How to express 1,000 different ideas with just 100 key words and phrases!"
Tuttle Publishing | 2003-07-15 | ISBN: 0804833664 | 160 pages | PDF | 5 MB

Instant Japanese allows you to quickly and easily meet people, go shopping, ride the subway, ask for directions, order food and drinks, and much more! This thoroughly revised second edition of Boye Lafayette De Mente's classic, bestselling phrase book shows students and travelers how to maximize their communication skills. The idea is simple-learn 100 words and say 1,000 things. The trick is knowing which words to learn. This book presents a basic vocabulary that will be used over and over again. All of the phrases are given in both standard Roman and Japanese scripts. A brief guide to pronunciation helps you say the phrases correctly. And an easy-to-use, 250 word vocabulary list allows you to translate from Japanese to English and vice-versa. Grammatical and cultural notes are presented in clear, accessible language.

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James Foxall, "Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 2008 in 24 Hours"
PUBLISHER: Sams | 05/05/2008 | ISBN : 0672329840 | 576 pages | PDF | 5.6 MB

In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, you will be up and running with Visual Basic 2008. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson builds upon a real-world foundation forged in both technology and business matters, allowing you to learn the essentials of Visual Basic 2008 from the ground up. Step-by-step instructions carefully walk you through the most common questions, issues, and tasks. The Q&A section, quizzes, and exercises help you build and test your knowledge.

By the Way notes present interesting pieces of information. Did You Know? tips offer advice or teach an easier way to do something. Watch Out! cautions advise you about potential problems and help you steer clear of disaster.

Learn how to…

* Use the powerful design environment of Visual Studio 2008
* Design feature-rich interfaces using components such as tree views and tabs
* Create robust applications using modern error-handling
* Draw fast graphics using GDI+
* Build a database application using ADO.NET
* Distribute a Visual Basic 2008 Application
* Manipulate the Windows Registry
* Create, read, and write text files
* Use event-driven techniques to build responsive applications

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Clinical Sports Medicine
Publisher:Mosby | Pages:784 | 2006-07-14 | ISBN:0323025889 | CHM | 93.6 MB

Tailored for today's busy clinician, Clinical Sports Medicine provides hands-on information for the management of both recreational and competitive athletes. Over a thousand full-color clinical illustrations plus a wealth of summary boxes enable you to obtain key information quickly, while authoritative text written by established and emerging authorities provides state-of-the-art know-how on overcoming any challenge in the specialty. Coverage of sports injuries includes structured information on diagnosis, management, and rehabilitation.

* Uses 1,150 full-color photographs, including a wealth of arthroscopic images, to vividly depict a full range of conditions and techniques.
* Summarizes information in a systematic way using color-coded sections.
* Integrates basic science information throughout, focusing on knowledge directly relevant to clinical practice.
* Addresses operative management of sports injuries as well as non-surgical aspects such as nutrition, co-existing medical conditions, rehabilitation, and more.
* Incorporates numerous algorithms to facilitate decision making.
* Covers both general rehabilitation principles and rehabilitation of specific injuries, and provides return-to-play guidance for both you and your anxious patients.
* Includes treatment recommendations for both competitive and recreational athletes, ranging from adolescents to late middle age.
* Presents authors' pearls and pitfalls for effective treatment.

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