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The Philosophy Of Film Noir

"A fascinating, readable, and provocative book.... Highly recommended." - Choice "Dense and intriguing, the book suggests noir is best perceived as a slightly warped mirror held up to contemporary society." - Publishers Weekly "Explores the philosophical underpinnings of movies from the classical noir period and... suggests that films aren't noir merely because they share a consistent tone, or certain visual conventions, with the likes of The Maltese Falcon, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and Double Indemnity." - Boston Globe "An intellectually seductive, hardboiled romp through a world of moral murkiness, femme fatales, and desperately lonely protagonists." - Eric Bronson, editor of Baseball and Philosophy"


PDF | 92 Page | English | 16,7 Mb


PHP Object-Oriented Solutions
ISBN: 1430210117 | 392 pages | PDF | 6.8 Mb

With the surge of popularity of PHP 5, and with PHP 6 just around the corner, Object-Oriented Programming is now an important consideration for PHP

developers. This version-neutral book is a gentle introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) that wont overburden you with complex theory. It teaches

you the essential basics of OOP that youll need to know before moving onto a more advanced level, and includes a series of pre-packaged scripts that you can

incorporate into your existing sites with the minimum of effort. It shows how OOP can be used to create reusable and portable code by walking you through a

series of simple projects. The projects feature the sorts of things developers run up against every day, and include a validator for filtering user input, a

simple Date class that avoids the need to remember all the esoteric format codes in PHP, and an XML generator.

* Teaches the fundamentals of OOP
* Simple projects show how OOP concepts work in the real world
* Pre-packaged scripts can easily be added to your own projects

What youll learn

* PHP features, such as the Standard PHP Library (SPL), that are poorly documented or ignored by existing books
* How to develop classes of their own
* OOP in easy-to-understand language without getting bogged down in dense theory
* Solid foundations for developers wishing to delve more deeply into OOP
* How to leverage the strengths of OOP as a means for creating reusable code that can be used successfully within a procedural context
* How to code for both PHP 5 and 6

Who is this book for?
This book is aimed at intermediate-level PHP developers who want to take their skills to the next level by exploring object-oriented programming as a way of

creating reusable code for a everyday website tasks. A typical reader would be someone who has read one of the authors previous title, such as PHP Solutions,

or one of the PHP books for Dreamweaverand feels ready to tackle something a little more challenging.

Links (6.8 Mb)

Springer Digital Design of Nature
ISBN 3-540-40591-7 | English | 297 pages | PDF | 14 MB

What is computer graphics and what are the conceptual tasks of research in this
area? To the average person the term still conveys more or less the design of lo-
gos and the manipulation of pictures with the help of image-editing programs.
However, during the past four decades, computer graphics has evolved into an
innovative multifaceted ?eld of research and computing that affects many other
In many areas and for many problems we can best convey an under-
standing through images that trigger our sense with the highest capability: our
eye. And, what is more, aside from algorithms, formulas, and tables, the com-
puter graphics scientist often is able to create beauty. Though it is a beauty
of its own, it often fascinates the viewer, especially when complex aesthetic
images emerge from simple mathematical concepts.


LightWave 3D 8: 1001 Tips & Tricks
By Wes Beckwith, Steve Warner, Robin Wood
* Publisher: Wordware Publishing, Inc.
* Number Of Pages: 614

Product Description:
In this collective wisdom, you will learn about hidden software features, times-saving tricks, and professional techniques for achieving better results.

Summary: A Five Star-Rating Isn't Enough!
Rating: 5

There are lots of great books and DVDs available to teach the intracasies of Lightwave. This one is a stand-out! Densely packed with useful little tricks that you probably won't find anywhere else, this indispensible book can't help but increase your productivity and enjoyment of Lightwave 3D. You won't get just one author's School of Hard Knocks-earned knowledge, you get to learn from the experiences of thirty! This book is a must-have that you'll reach for again and again. This little gem proudly sports the most worn covers of any Lightwave reference book on my (full) shelf.


IKEA - Space for Living | pdf | 284 pages | 10 Mb


IKEA Catalog 2009 | Pages: 376 | PDF | 24 Mb

Your home, where you live your everyday life, is important. It's where you get together with your family, play, eat, sleep...or just relax watching TV. The one place on earth that says something about who you are. In this year's catalogue, on our website and in our stores, you'll be able to enjoy losts of new, exciting ideas about how to create a home that is truly good to live in - every day.

IKEA, modern style furniture and accessories.

The IKEA Catalogue, containing about 12,000 products, is printed in 160 million copies (2006) worldwide


IKEA Catalogue 2008
Spanish | for 2008. | 364 p. | RARed | PDF | 13.6MB

Pass: www.AvaxHome.ru

english 327 pages | PDF | 11.8 Mb

Tom Venuto “Foods That Burn Fat"

Fitness Renaissance, LLC | 2003 | ISBN: N/A | 20 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB

This recommended list of "fat-burning foods," also known in the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) program as "the terrific twelve," might be the most valuable resource you’ve ever laid your hands on. Although the possible variety is your food choices is nearly infinite, these twelve are the staple foods that should make up the foundation of your program. Variety is important, but these are the foods you can’t go wrong with and the ones you’ll keep coming back to time after time.


Home Decorating With Origami

The book is divided into 4 chapters:

Chapter 1: Card and Letter Holders (14 models) Chapter 2: For Use and Decoration (12 models) Chapter 3: Twinkling Stars (16 models) Chapter 4: Packages (14 models)

A lot of the models in this book is 2D and thus you can fold and send as presents or send it as a self made card. The result is very attractive. Some of it looks good on a dinner table when you have guests for special occasions.

I like the spectacularly beautiful stars, boxes and presents. The stars looks attractive when they form part of a card send to a love one.

All these models looks good when used to decorating your home.

# 129 pages
# Publisher: Japan Publications Trading Company (November 2000)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 4889960597
# ISBN-13: 978-4889960594

Password: www.maxgrab.org

Jazz For Dummies, 2nd Edition
Publisher:For Dummies | Pages:384 | 2006-07-05 | ISBN: 0471768448 | PDF | 3 MB

Product Description:

Includes a list of more than 100 recordings for your jazz collection

The fun and easy way to explore the world of jazz

Jazz is America's greatest music, but with over a century's worth of styles and artists, where do you begin? Relax! This hep cat's guide delivers the scoop on the masters and their music -- from Duke Ellington to Charlie Parker to Wynton Marsalis. It's just what you need to tune in to the history and musical structure of jazz and become a more savvy listener.

Discover how to
* Understand the traits and roots of jazz
* Tune in to jazz styles, from big band to bebop
* Listen to great jazz artists
* Catch a live jazz performance
* Succeed in a jazz ensemble

Praise for Jazz For Dummies

"Now you can finally know about one of . . . America's greatest contributions to world culture."
--Jon Faddis, jazz trumpeter

"Fun to read. . . . An important stepping stone to understanding this complex and profound music."
--James Moody, jazz saxophonist

"Dirk Sutro is madly in love with jazz and . . . he knows what he's talking about."
--"Chubby" Jackson, jazz bassist


Encyclopaedia Britannica Almanac 2008 | ISBN: 978-1593394141 | 992 pages | PDF | 44.17 MB

The most complete almanac for today's world. Searching for facts? Look no further than the 2008 Britannica Almanac. With thousands of facts, tidbits, and statistics on every subject imaginable—from people and current events to health and business to history, sports, and religions—you will get the most complete coverage an almanac can offer. With sections like "The Year in Review," you can recall major events of the past year. Browse "Celebrities and Newsmakers" and discover the people who stood out in 2007. Plus, find out the Britannica editors' picks on theatre, opera, and classical music in "Britannica Greats." All this and more make the 2008 Britannica Almanac the most complete almanac for today's world

The Year in Review
Major events of the past year—the seating of the new U.S. Congress, world reaction to the testing of a nuclear weapon by North Korea in late 2006, the ongoing humanitarian crisis in The Sudan, the Iraq war, and more. Plus dozens of photos, maps, and flags in full color.

Celebrities and Newsmakers
Thousands of fascinating people—political and military leaders, athletes, authors, artists, and heroes.

Everyday Information
Holidays, time zones, weights and measures, country data, and more.

Britannica Greats
Editors name the most notable U.S. theatre companies, world-class orchestras, and the top 25 opera companies in the world.

More sports than other leading almanacs, including the popular sports and the more exotic ones—from sailing to football to sled dog racing.

Winners of the Nobel Prizes, Academy Awards, Pulitzers, Costa Book Award, Fields Medal, Japan Prize, and many more.


How to Succeed in Commercial Photography
Selina Maitreya,"How to Succeed in Commercial Photography"
Allworth Press |ISBN-10: 1581154917|October 16, 2007|PDF | 240 pages | English | 1.4mb|rar

After more than thirty years in photography, an industry veteran speaks out in How to Succeed in Commercial Photography. These essays provide photographers at every level with all the tools they need for a great career. Author Selina Maitreya offers proven tips for focusing on client needs; building a team from today’s marketing assistants, reps, and consultants; developing an online portfolio; self-promoting; and much more.
Through up-close interviews, professional commercial photographers reveal the missteps they made in their work--and how others can avoid making the same mistakes. A special section explores how photographers can set goals, survive tough times, overcome creative blocks, and more. Anyone seeking a successful and well-balanced life as a commercial photographer needs a copy of this illuminating guide.


Debbie Millman,"How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer"
Allworth Press; 1st edition |ISBN-10: 1581154968|October 30, 2007|PDF | 256 pages | English | 2.7mb|rar

Take a peek inside the heads of some of the world’s greatest living graphic designers. How do they think, how do they connect to others, what special skills do they have? In honest and revealing interviews, nineteen designers, including Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Beirut, David Carson, and Milton Glaser, share their approaches, processes, opinions, and thoughts about their work with noted brand designer Debbie Millman.
The internet radio talk host of Design Matters, Millman persuades the greatest graphic designers of our time to speak frankly and openly about their work. How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designers offers a rare opportunity to observe and understand the giants of the industry.


Understanding Sleep & Dreaming

Authors: William H. Moorcroft & Paula Belcher
Publisher: Springer
Language: English
Number of Pages: 335
PDF: 13.5 MB
ISBN-10: 0306474255
ISBN-13: 978-0306474255

Although sleep has been the subject of serious study for several decades, there has not been available an integrated, introductory text for more than ten years. Understanding Sleep and Dreaming fills this need with complete coverage of all aspects of sleep, dreaming, and sleep disorders, and is comprehensible as well as comprehensive. In accessible language, this text reviews the basic physiological mechanisms of sleep and the intertwined psychological ramifications. Most important, it is up-to-date, containing the latest information on the influence of orexin/hypocretin, nocturnal eating syndrome, the local cell theory of sleep, the effects of sleep deprivation, and the advantages of delaying school start times for teenagers.

Distilling twenty five years of combined clinical, research, and teaching experience, Dr. Moorcroft has created an excellent text for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals as well as for the general reader who wants a better understanding of the sleep process and its disorders.


The Photoshop Channels Book
One big advantage Photoshop professionals have always had was the understanding of channels. It was their secret weapon, and it enabled them to do things, and work in an entirely different way than their competitors, and maybe that's why the secret power of Photoshop's channels has been such a closely guarded secret. Until now.

Award-winning, bestselling author Scott Kelby (Editor of Photoshop User magazine) shows you how to unlock the power of Photoshop's Channels and really start using Photoshop like a pro. But this isn't a book of theory and technical explanations, this is a step-by-step project-based book that will teach you exactly how to the pros use channels in their everyday work (Using channels is one of the secrets they use to get twice the work done in half the time).

You'll learn how today's top photographers and graphic designers employ channels to make impossible selections, to speed their production workflow, to color correct images, to mask images, to create stunning color to black and white conversions, and to do dozens of inside tricks that set them apart from the field. There's a reason there's always been a mystique to using channels, and why Photoshop users who understand and use them stay on the cutting edge. Now, their secrets are revealed using the same plain-English style that has made Scott one of the leading Photoshop authors and instructors in the world today.

You'll be amazed at not only what you're able with channels, but you'll love the competitive advantage that using channels will give you. If you're ready to take your Photoshop skills to the next level, you're holding the book that will take you there, and you're gonna love it!

From the Back Cover
Using Photoshop without taking advantage of channels is a bit like attempting to make a fine recording with nothing but a crummy cassette recorder: You can do so, but the results won't be very satisfying. However, if you're new to the world of digital imaging--perhaps because you've just found your way to Photoshop after purchasing your first digital camera--you may find channels daunting. With this book, you don't need to! As you work along with author (and National Association of Photoshop Professionals president) Scott Kelby on the book's results-intensive tutorials, you'll quickly discover the amazing things you can accomplish, using Photoshop to separate images into channels so that you can then alter the image's color and opacity, duplicate it, move it, and more. Also covered are all of Photoshop's newest channel-related features, including an improved Histogram palette that displays channels in color with a dynamic view of how filters, curves, and other settings will affect tonal range and bit depth.

Pass: www.Tinydl.com

Download Free Computer Graphics World - February 2008 (Magazine)
PDF | English | 52 Pages


PC World Magazine September 2008
PDF | English | 36 Mb RAR | Rapidshare

Download Link

Popular Mechanics (11/2008)
Pages: 142 | Scan & PDF: Antfer | PDF | 38.20 mb

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Formulas and Functions with Microsoft Office Excel 2007
PDF | English | 540 Pages | 14 MB
Most Microsoft® Excel users learn only a small percentage of the program’s features. They know they could get more out of Excel if they could just get a leg up on building formulas and using functions. Unfortunately, this side of Excel appears complex and intimidating to the uninitiated—shrouded in the mysteries of mathematics, finance, and impenetrable spreadsheet jargon. Sound familiar?
If you’re a businessperson who needs to use Excel as an everyday part of your job, then you’ve come to the right book. Formulas and Functions with Microsoft® Office Excel 2007 demystifies worksheet formulas and presents the most useful Excel functions in an accessible, jargon-free way.

This book not only takes you through Excel’s intermediate and advanced formula-building features, it also tells you why these features are useful to you and shows you how to use them in everyday situations. Throughout the book you’ll find no-nonsense, step-by-step tutorials and lots of practical examples aimed directly at business users.

Download Links

Word 2007: Beyond The Manual
If you’re familiar with Word, but not Word 2007, this is the book for you. Word 2007: Beyond the Manual focuses on new features of Word 2007 as well as older features that were once less accessible than they are now. This book also makes a point to include examples of practical applications for all the new features.


Popular Photography (11/2008)
Pages: 144 | Scan & PDF: Antfer | PDF | 31.69 mb

* 2009 Cameras are here
+ New DSLRs. Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony.

* How to tips.
+ The fix: Bad shot? Crop like a pro.
+ White Balance: The right setting made easy.
+ Special Effects: Go wild with a fisheye.

* Sony A900: 24.6MP, Full-Frame. It's war!!!

* Photo-Shop CS4: New easy version.

* Breakthrough!!!: New tiny camera does it all.

* Nikon super flash: Shoot faster longer! Harder!

* Show your pictures: Photographer's guide to HDTV.

Download Link

The Easy Step by Step Guide to Giving Confident Presentations
Lomas, Brian | 2002 | 124 pages | PDF | 3.2 MB

Making a presentation strikes fear into many hearts. It ranks alongside going to the dentist or being put into a cage with a hungry lion or two! Wherever it sits along the fear scale for you, this guide is designed to get through it if not actually reaching the point of enjoying giving a presentation. This guide covers: * how to research and prepare a presentation; * how to structure a presentation; * how to manage information overload; * how to use scripts, prompts, visual aids and handouts; * how to handle questions - including the awkward ones; * how to use your voice and body language and what to wear the importance of self belief!


Watercolor Painting For Dummies
Have you ever been amazed by watercolor paintings that seem to spring to life before your eyes? Would you love to be able to paint with watercolors? Now, you can. Watercolor Painting For Dummies shows you the fun and easy way to create breathtaking paintings so beautiful you won’t believe you made them yourself.


Digital Photography Hacks
Going beyond the standard fare of most digital photography books, Digital Photography Hacks shares the knowledge that professional photographers have learned through thousands of shots’ worth of experience and years of experimentation. With exquisite, full-color photos throughout, the book presents 100 proven techniques in the areas of daytime and nighttime photo secrets, flash magic, digital camera attachments, fun photo projects, camera phone tricks, and more. This book is your passport to taking the kind of digital photos you’ve always aspired to.


Shoot Like A Pro! Digital Photography Techniques
Produce the kind of images that would otherwise demand a professional photographer or darkroom—or both. Through a series of tutorial projects, author Julie Adair King shows readers how to light shots, choose the right camera settings, use camera accessories and photographic software, and much more. You’ll learn step-by-step to use your existing digital camera for professional results. Set up a home studio, create a 360-degree panoramic image, learn low light and action photography, work in black and white, and adopt many other professional techniques.


Photoshop Creative 23 Magazine


press (July 21, 2008)
PDF | 200 pages | 2.0mb(rar)
On the Way to the Web The Secret History of the Internet and Its Founders/by Michael A. Banks (Author)

On the Way to the Web: The Secret History of the Internet and Its Founders is an absorbing chronicle of the inventive, individualistic, and often cantankerous individuals who set the Internet free. Michael A. Banks describes how the online population created a new culture and turned a new frontier into their vision of the future.

This book will introduce you to the innovators who laid the foundation for the Internet and the World Wide Web, the man who invented online chat, and the people who invented the products all of us use online every day. Learn where, when, how and why the Internet came into being, and exactly what hundreds of thousands of people were doing online before the Web. See who was behind it all, and what inspired them.
You’ll also find these stories of people and events on the way to the Web:
* CIA agents in search of military hardware for sale online.
* The first online privacy scandal, three decades ago.
* The first instance of online censorship in 1979
* How in 1980 the FBI demanded the ID of a CompuServe user who tried to sell 3,000 M16 rifles online
* Early con artists
* Online romance scams
* Identify theft
* Who really created AOL. (Hint: it wasn’t Steve Case.)
* The wireless Internet that was built in 1978.
* Why the @ sign is used in email addresses.
Who is this book for?
On the Way to the Web is a book that will appeal to all readers, but one that computer enthusiasts will find especially interesting. Most readers will have played a part in the story it tells, and anyone who uses the Internet and Web on a day–to–day basis will find this book an absorbing read.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 A Beginner's Guide
PDF | 745 Pages | 4 MB
Get Started on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in No Time
Learn to use all of the powerful features available in SQL Server 2008 quickly and easily. Microsoft SQL Server 2008: A Beginner's Guide explains the fundamentals of each topic alongside examples and tutorials that walk you through real-world database tasks. Install SQL Server 2008, construct high-performance databases, use powerful Transact-SQL statements, create stored procedures and triggers, and execute simple and complex database queries.

Performance tuning, Database Engine security, Business Intelligence, and XML are also covered.
* Set up, configure, and maintain SQL Server 2008
* Build and manage database objects using Transact-SQL statements
* Create stored procedures and user-defined functions
* Optimize database performance, availability, and reliability
* Implement solid security using authentication, encryption, and authorization
* Automate tasks using SQL Server Agent
* Create reliable data backups and perform flawless system restores
* Use all-new SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence, development, and administration tools
* Learn in detail the SQL Server XML technology (SQLXML)

Download Link

Photoshop Creative Magazine Issue 1-12 | PDF | 213 Mb


Home Networking For Dummies
PDF | English | 70 Pages | 0.8MB

Having a network in your home increases work efficiency and minimizes confusion. If you want to set up a network in your home but you’re not quite sure where to start, then Home Networking for Dummies makes it easy for you to become your household’s network administrator. Now fully updated with information on the newest technology in networking available, this quick and to-the-point walkthrough will show you how to install Web connections in your entire home, whether by wires, cables, or WiFi. This resourceful guide illustrates:

* Planning and installing your network
* The differences between Ethernet cable, phone lines, and wireless technology
* Configuring computer sharing
* Setting up and managing users
* Installing, managing, and troubleshooting the network printer
* Understanding UNC format, mapping drives, and traveling on the network
* Working with remote files
* Securing your network from viruses, spyware, and other baddies

Along with the basics, this book introduces fun ways to use your network, including sharing music, keeping shopping lists, creating photo albums, setting up a family budget, and instant messaging. It also provides ways to keep your network safe for kids, such as talking to your child about the Internet, creating site filters, and ISP E-mail filtering features. With this trusty guide your home will be fully connected and you’ll be working more efficiently in no time!


Hacking for Dummies - Access to Other Peoples Systems Made Simple
PDF | English | 74 Pages | 0.8MB

Are you worried about external hackers and rogue insiders breaking into your systems? Whether it’s social engineering, network infrastructure attacks, or application hacking, security breaches in your systems can devastate your business or personal life. In order to counter these cyber bad guys, you must become a hacker yourself—an ethical hacker.

Hacking for Dummies shows you just how vulnerable your systems are to attackers. It shows you how to find your weak spots and perform penetration and other security tests. With the information found in this handy, straightforward book, you will be able to develop a plan to keep your information safe and sound. You’ll discover how to:

* Work ethically, respect privacy, and save your system from crashing
* Develop a hacking plan
* Treat social engineers and preserve their honesty
* Counter war dialing and scan infrastructures
* Understand the vulnerabilities of Windows, Linux, and Novell NetWare
* Prevent breaches in messaging systems, web applications, and databases
* Report your results and managing security changes
* Avoid deadly mistakes
* Get management involved with defending your systems

As we enter into the digital era, protecting your systems and your company has never been more important. Don’t let skepticism delay your decisions and put your security at risk. With Hacking For Dummies, you can strengthen your defenses and prevent attacks from every angle!


6 Habits of Highly Effective Bosses
Stephen E. Kohn | 222 pages | PDF | 1 MB

In The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Bosses, co-authors Stephen E. Kohn and Vincent D. O’Connell present an easy-to-read, sensibly presented review of six indispensable human relations practices used by the bosses everyone admires – and likes to work for – the most. With a combined fifty years of experience helping companies resolve "people problems" in the workplace, management coaches and leadership trainers Kohn and O’Connell guide managers through a sensible, incremental model of supervisory "people skills" development.

The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Bosses also provides a means for managers to coach themselves toward goals that they are encouraged to set for themselves, and the end result is not only knowledge gained, but also greater applied supervisory competency. By practicing the strategically conceived exercises, managers can apply the recommended skills to real workplace supervisory challenges.

For the busy manager seeking effective and timely results from leadership development training, this book can become a springboard for solid professional growth and accelerated success in the development of all-important people management skills.

Stephen E. Kohn has twenty-five years of experience as a management coach, counselor and therapist, specializing in the workplace. Kohn practices in White Plains, NY.


Successful Interviews
James Moss | 126 pages | PDF | 4.6 MB

Download from Rapidshare

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology
By M.H.H., Ph.D., R.N.C.P., Frankie Avalon Wolfe | 352 pages | PDF | 6.8 Mb

You're no idiot, of course. You know echinacea can help a runny nose, massage is good for aching back muscles, and yoga can help relax a tired body. But when it comes to reflexology--the practice of healing the body by applying pressure to different parts of the feet--you'd rather just soak your tired dogs in hot water and call it a day. Don't feel so de-feeted just yet! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology is a fun, easy-to-follow, illustrated guide to massaging your own (and others) feet to treat back pain, headaches, upset stomachs, colds, allergies, stress, depression, and more.


Alternative Treatment for Cancer (Annals of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Ping-Chung Leung | 2007-11-19 | 384 | PDF | 2.4 MB

Cancer treatment has enjoyed half a century of healthy development, relying mainly on surgery, cytotoxic therapy and radiation. Achievements and successes are well reflected in the longer survival period and better quality of life. Nonetheless, cancer still spreads locally, recurs, metastasizes and remains one of the top killers.

Instead of concentrating on cancer removal, it has become obvious that supportive measures are also important. These include the means to improve quality of life during treatment and to contain tumor growth. To this end, herbal medicine appears to offer holistic support via as yet unknown pathways. This volume reveals the practice of cancer treatment using herbs from all over the world, including China, India and Japan. It provides comprehensive information about the herbs commonly used, the logic of using the herbs, some of the mechanisms of action and other means of palliative treatment. While cancer victims have a thirst for choosing their own supplementary treatment, health providers have a duty to explain to them the justifications and the options.


Advanced IQ Tests: The Toughest Practice Questions to Test Your Lateral Thinking, Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills
By Philip Carter | 2008-05-01 | 192 pages | PDF | 2.1 Mb

Advanced IQ Tests is for puzzle lovers who are looking for a challenge. This book contains 360 of the most difficult practice questions designed to measure an advanced level of numerical, verbal, and spatial ability, logical analysis, lateral thinking, and problem solving skills. Advanced IQ Tests is useful for someone facing a graduate or managerial selection test, but it is also for those who just want to pit their skills against some of the toughest questions available.


Natural First Aid (A Medicinal Herb Guide)
Storey Books | 2000-02-24 | 128 pages | PDF | 1 MB

This A-Z guide offers quick, effective, and natural first aid suggestions for common household emergencies and boo-boos. Stock your first aid kit with simple make-ahead home remedies to ensure you have the necessary supplies on hand for when accidents strike!


Unofficial Guide to Starting a Business Online
By Jason R. Rich | 2006-01-04 | 456 pages | PDF | 2.8 Mb

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to capitalize on the fastest growing marketplace ever, the Web, this is the book for you. From choosing the product or service you offer to designing your website to marketing and managing your online venture, this guide gives you step-by-step guidance and helps you avoid common pitfalls. You don't have to be a computer guru or programmer, and you don't have to invest big bucks, thanks to the unbiased recommendations, practical guidance, and insider savvy this book puts at your fingertips. Updated with advice from experts, current statistics, new tips and strategies, and information about hundreds of resources, this guide gets you in business online with:

Vital Information on choosing a unique product or service and targeting a specific niche market

Insider Secrets from entrepreneurs who have launched successful online businesses

Money-Saving Techniques, including using services from Yahoo!, Microsoft, eBay, and others to create a small-business website

Time-Saving Tips for obtaining prominent listing placement on search engines and in Web directories and information portals

The Latest Trends in online advertising, marketing, and branding, plus the online auction phenomenon


Digital Television, Third Edition
Digital Television is as an authoritative and complete overview that describes the technology of digital television broadcasting. It gives you a thorough technical description of the underlying principles of the DVB standard and the various steps of signal processing. Also included is a complete technical glossary of terms, abbreviations, and expressions that gives you quick reference.

Now in it’s 3rd edition, Digital Television, this book is completely up-to-date with standard and new technologies including:
- DVB and DVB-S2
- Mobile TV DVB-H
- High Definition formats 1080i and 720p
- Compression including MPEG, H.264, and VC-1
If you are looking for a concise technical briefing that will quickly get you up to speed without getting lost - this is the book you need.
* Enhance your knowledge of digital television with this authoritative, technical introduction
* Learn underlying priciples of the DVB system, compression technology, IPTV, Mobile TV, and more
* Understand analog and digital formats and signal processing from transmission to reception


IEEE Communications Magazine - October 2008
IEEE Communications Magazine, considered by many to be their most important member benefit, provides timely information on all aspects of communications: monthly feature articles describe technology, systems, services, market trends, development methods, regulatory and policy issues, and significant global events


Electronic Gaming Monthly October 2008

Electronic Gaming Monthly focuses on new electronic games for console video game units. EGM also features regular columns on the latest game releases as well as special sections devoted to movies, records and other subjects of interest to the male youth market.


Matt Lamy - 100 World’s Strangest Mysteries
Size: 24,3 MB


Advanced Photoshop Magazine (No.44 Issue)


Skype for Dummies
See how to use Skype for secure chats and connect SkypeOut and SkypeIN. Here's the fun and easy way (r) to understand all the hype about Skype and make this cool alternative communication system work for you! You'll get great advice about hardware, directions for downloading and installing Skype, ideas for using Skype in your business, and the lowdown on making Skype calls to people with old-fashioned phones.

Discover how to:
* Install Skype and start making calls
* Create a contacts list
* Set up voicemail and call forwarding
* Use Skype for worldwide conference calls and Skypecasting
* Enhance Skype with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi wireless, and video


Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Data Analysis: Your Visual Bluep
Welcome to the only guidebook series that takes a visual approach to professional-level computer topics. Open the book and you’ll discover step-by-step screen shots that demonstrate over 110 Excel data analysis techniques, including:

* Identifying trends in your data
* Sorting, filtering, and identifying lists
* Creating, editing, and checking formulas
* Calculating interest rates and depreciation
* Performing simple sorts and filters
* Hiding rows or columns in a PivotTable

* Adding and removing chart data
* Querying an Access database
* Assigning digital signatures
* Solving a formula with a data table


Access Forms And Reports For Dummies
Develop forms to access the data you need and make reports that make sense!
If you thought you had to use a spreadsheet program to produce reports and forms, guess what! Access can turn out great-looking forms and reports that actually show what’s going on with your data — if you know how to ask it nicely. This hands-on guide helps you do just that, and it works with all versions of Access.


Excel 2007 For Dummies
One look at Excel 2007, with its new Office Button, Quick Access toolbar, and Ribbon, and you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore. Well, have no fear— Excel 2007 for Dummies is here!

If you’ve never worked with a computer spreadsheet, or if you’ve had some experience with earlier versions of Excel but need help transitioning, here you’ll find everything you need to create, edit, format, and print your own worksheets (without sacrificing your sanity!). Excel 2007 for Dummies covers all the fundamental techniques, concentrating on only the easiest, most user-friendly ways to get things done.


Building Websites With Joomla 1.5
The best-selling Joomla! tutorial guide updated for the latest 1.5 release.

* Learn Joomla! 1.5 features.
* Install and customize Joomla! 1.5.
* Configure Joomla! administration.
* Create your own Joomla! templates.
* Extend Joomla! with new components, modules, and plug-ins.


Building A Web Site For Dummies
Whether you’re in the preliminary stages of planning a site or you’re looking to improve the look of an existing site, this reference book covers it all. Now updated with the latest site tools, design techniques, and commerce options, this new edition of the bestseller offers a solid framework for building a Web site from scratch. Packed with all the essentials to help make your site the best it can be, this resource goes beyond just basic design and page building to show you how to incorporate both of those elements into a successful site.


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